Buying a new mobile  phone may not be possible every time one decides to buy one phone or switch to another mobile phone. There could be any number of reasons for it. One decides to do so too, when one does not want to save that extra amount on the new mobile phone. Or one might want some extra cash by  selling the old mobile phone  . No matter what the situation or circumstance, one needs to be aware of certain tips on buying used mobile phone online. We have a list of few.


First, you should have an idea on what kind of mobile phone you need - the  brands  that you will consider, the model, the RAM, exterior design, other specifications etc. If you have these details clear in your mind, you can easily enter these details into the search filters in the websites you are looking to buy a used mobile phone. You should also note that the warranty period of such phones will probably be over by the time it is put up for sale on the website. So, don't expect warranty to be covered for such phones.


Next, you should be cautious about the phone not being stolen. For this you need the original bill of the phone, either in hard copy or soft copy form. Check the bill in detail for authenticity. If you are satisfied with it, you can  buy the used mobile phone  . If not, don't buy it. Subsequently, if a bill is not provided, do not buy that used mobile phone. The next tip we will give you is to do a proper physical inspection of the used mobile phone that is being sold online. This is necessary as you need to make sure that the mobile phone is in working condition. Check for dents or scratches if any.



Lastly, buy it only if you are getting it for a good price. It would be no use spending as much as the original for a used mobile phone. Therefore, when you decide on which mobile phone to use online, check the price of the original piece as well. This will help determine whether the price of the old mobile phone that the model and brand is worth or not. One can easily  buy and sell  old mobile phones  online  at  free classifieds  .