Well, to explain it, it could take a day to explain what are the ways to find freelance jobs on the internet but when we are talking about top ways to find freelance jobs online the list becomes short and few top resources come into mind. You try Can free classifieds , freelancer.com , Upwork.com ,indeed , monster.com etc these are the resources that you can use to find freelance jobs on the internet.


Because you have an option to choose from among all these options and you can also use google search to find other resources on the internet. Most websites work in a simple way to find online jobs in india like you can search jobs and once you find out you can contact them directly or some websites like you need to create an account and work on their platform just like freelancer.com and upwork .com.


Both platforms are good for freelancers but they require full verification and require you to follow their rules before you start getting new projects. The free classifieds website doesn't work that way because they provide direct contact info of all their advertisers and allow freelancers to easily grab the employer contact details and get the project directly. There are some advantages or disadvantages of both platforms.


Whether you like it or not, but not all platforms are perfect so some problems occur in every platform. Most people are looking for a job online and most other people are finding jobs through various other offline resources. This can't be said that everything is possible on the internet because outside the internet there is a huge world, but still working on the internet is the most convenient option available right now. Being a freelancer you can take a holiday for any day of your choice and you can easily work at your own time without any restrictions.